Algorithm And Your Atmosphere

What is a Algorithm ?

An algorithm in the most simplest set of terms is a set of instruction set into place to complete an action . That is right you make a list for little Johnny to go to the store to get ( milk , eggs and bread ) this is an algorithm . In computer terms things can quickly get out of hand and more complex because usually the essence of speed is at hand . The rings of complexity come into play wen you add the factors ( speed + accuracy = money ) . If you think of a self check out register at a store this is what you might come up with in this algorithm ( – one employees wage + speed + accuracy = profit ) (more money ) .

What is a algorithm

An algorithm can be very simple or quit complex .



Now if you think about it if the said store is open will say 16 hours that money goes up because the savings of this algorithm in the register created encompasses two full time employees working 8 hour shifts . All algorithms require some type of math even little Johnny shopping list the 3 items and going further the price of the item and of course a little more complex knowing the location of the items for best time shopping . Algorithms in general do many beautiful things that many of us take for granted or maybe you purely do not even know they exist .
For example but not limited to :
1 ) Your Digital Devices ( you turn them on they load up )
2 ) A soda Machine ( You put money in it returns soda and whatever change )
3 ) Cash register ( Teller or you puts information in and in return you get a receipt your items and possible change ) The list of things that use algorithms could go on for ever and the list is still growing . So let us get your feet wet a little for those whom would like to more about algorithms please see the following straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you ALGORITHM . The more and more this list grows it could and most likely will enter your atmosphere .

Algorithm and your work Atmosphere

Algorithm robot server

Algorithm some times replace employees such as this robot server .

The work atmosphere is pretty clear for now you are the algorithm running the show calling all the shots ( but hopefully not getting a swelled head over it ) . Remember the self checkout I mentioned earlier well look around and see how many self checkouts you see and do some quick math . But really that just the icing on the cake sort of speak look at the auto industry almost all built by machines made possible threw an algorithm . Even some restaurants have considered using robots to take orders and serve the food and possibly cook it as well . I am not saying that algorithms are wrong our bad but I am wondering how far they will go and what kind of work will be left to do ? To understand algorithms a bit further please see the following video .




So you may be thinking well I have nothing to worry about I mean I work in the TECH field and the algorithm answers to me at the end of the day ( owe boy how many times have I heard this ) . At the latest DEFCON DARPA was giving a five million dollar prize to anyone who could create an algorithm that could run a computer with no one at the key board ( sorry for no link look it up ) . My first thought on this is they were trying to eliminate the whistle blower threat but who knows ? Think again my friend consider the fact of what just happened on Facebook . Pink slips were handed out to an assorted group whom apparently were unaware that they were actually training there algorithm replacement . How everyone found this out was wen the algorithm took over it made a possibly huge error . To see this information please see the following article straight out of the archives of arstechnia FACEBOOK FIRES HUMAN EDITORS . I myself am not sure how all the pink slipping went down but you would think a company such as Facebook would value the workmanship of there employees . And in the process have compatible packages with employment options rather than having a group of well trained people disgruntled . But of course maybe I am only seeing one side of it but if I am seeing the whole picture I wonder how wide spread this type of sneaky pink slipping is ?

In Conclusion

Like I said earlier in this article algorithms do a lot of great things and save people a lot of money but sometimes they can put good people out of work . This sometimes can be a risky move for companies to have this type of behavior I know some companies whom I will not mention that are still recovering from such actions . So the question is what can you do to be secure ? This is a good question but as usual I do not have all the answers . In any job one must remember a replacement is right around the corner Usually it is in the human form . If you happen to be a valuable employee at the time or being hired as one and you feel you have bartering power . It would maybe be a good time to discuss these terms as part of a job security factor in a contractual base . Maybe it raise time but they claim they can not give you a Dollar raise that you so deserve secure employment at a equal pay rate instead may be the thing to do .
Have a nice day riding the wave of ALGORITHM AND YOUR ATMOSPHERE I am out .

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