Al Gore Goes to UN Climate Summit Will fracking Be On His Mind


UN Climate Summit

Al Gore is hosting a ask a question via video concerning climate control but of course they will be sifted threw and only the best to show during the summit .
But hey at least it something , so if you want your voice heard and you have a good idea and good vocals and vid give a shot it cant hurt .
My hopes are at some point at this summit they will speak of ending ( fracking ) .



Although fracking is fairly new to the United States it is well known globally , for some they have seen and had to deal with the genocidal issues first hand as Americans are dealing with in some areas , and for others fracking is set to come to your area with promises of riches , jobs and prosperity but instead they bring death destruction and contamination .
I will list some of the issues if I miss any forgive me .
1 ) nerve damage to the local population and live stock .
2 ) water contamination ( unable to bath , water crops or live stock and the water becomes flammable do to methane )
3 ) once the ( sludge ) waste dries it puts out a radioactive dust cloud bringing me to the assumption the ( sludge ) in its wet form is radioactive .
4 ) the drilling and or chemical usage that is flushed into the ground in combination with explosions while fracking increases the area for earthquakes .
Many places in the US are making excuses saying owe well the studies are not in yet so its OK just to line there own pockets .
So heres the thing I Challenge you yes I said ( YOU ) the reader not to just take my word But to search this website at the top left hand corner for ( fracking ) and view all affiliated links and watch all the videos and then do your own search on the Internet to make sure all the info is correct and corresponding .
If you find all this information to be as nastily correct as I am saying and you still want your voice heard at the summit submit give it your best shot .
We are moving quickly to becoming a cleaner society but unfortunately not fast enough we need to join hands as a global community and support all the resources of solar , wind and wave technologies and be open to other idea as we progress .
The oil companies have there own congress , they have a giant building were they meet to take on new idea and promote those ideas threw marketing and fund raisers and they have Ben at it a long time we need to develop a similar institute in order to gain hold and stop the oil mongers .
So without further delay I give you ask why and why not .



In Conclusion

In London recently there was a huge protest and one the agendas was to end fracking globally .
The American government has always protected areas and fought wars for oil and now they have come to the conclusion that fracking is the answer to bring our dependency for oil out of the hands of other countries but I truly believe we need to rehab America and end the dependency all together .
Sure its going to be hard and I don’t know how sincere Al Gore is but at least I applaud him for trying something .
Have a safe clean environment day surfing I am out .


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