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Off The Grid

So ya wanna go off the grid secret communicant but hears the dilemma , on the planet as we know it today ease dropping and spying seems to be the name of the game .Here are some well know facts , there are satellites that can beam down to a pin drop there are listening devices that can pick things up from miles away there are heat sensors that can look threw walls and display whom ever is in the room .
There is technology that allows forces to walk right up camouflaged and not be seen . Even leaving the planet doesn’t guaranty you wont be heard there listening that way to .
You have a better chance garbing who you want to talk to and go in a lead encased building .
But if you really want to get your feet wet and drop off the net grid here ya go straight out of the archives of engadget i give you Air Chat .

In Conclusion

If you watch the video at the bottom of the page it sounds a bit like dial up but hey you cant have everything or can you ?
Have a nice air chatting day .

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