Africa Rising To America

Africa Rising

What dose this mean and how are they rising and are they alone ? These are all good questions and if we look at the world as a whole the questions can be simply answered . But first we must do some back pedaling so as to see some of the key points as to why I am writing this particular article . After siting threw numerous amounts of time through the international journalist conference I came across some interesting key points . Before I get to these key points just whom is with Africa in there midst of there rising and what is the rising about ?



Africa rising

There is money to be made in Africa , Cuba and India .
Many industries will move to these places to put people to work .


The whole reason for the rising is to bring Africa from a poor country to one of wealth and a well producing country so as to bring them wealth and stability . So what countries appear to be with them in this rising event although remaining separate in nature ? I may miss some but the ones that most stand out are Cuba and India . Why do these countries fall into this premise hand in hand ? Nothing is plan and simple but there are similarities to each of the countries from being poor with a malnourished populace to being cut off from all the worlds Technology .

Africa and other countries rising to America

Africa rising fukushima destroyed containment area

The fuel rods during fukushima could not be contained .
How much more will Africa hold the rod with the rads ?

First off I would like to begin by saying this article is not meant to be defamatory in any nature of speaking but to educate . This article will be slightly be open ended as to bring the reader you and yes I said ( YOU ) to do some homework . During the international journalist conference some of the key points that struck me quit odd were as follows .
1 ) Population control ( It was stated many Africans bare eight to ten children but now are limiting themselves to two children per family )
2 ) The up-taking of the nuclear rod ( For the purpose of nuclear energy )
3 ) The advancement in technology ( For the purpose of communication and the functionality of business ) ( not forgetting to mention entertainment )
4 ) Entering the oil markets
Not all of these things are bad but with some of these things come with warnings to consider . The best way I felt to proceed is by asking every country to do there own history lessons and asking is it really greener on the other side of the fence or should another path be taken . Considering one of the most roughest terms America had utilized in its early beginnings and that wikipedia fell short of describing .
The term is SAVAGE once used against Indians in America and starting here seems to give a good premise to start wen considering certain factors . So without further delay straight out of the archives of thefreedictionary I give you the definition of SAVAGE . The reason I start here is many whom push the nuclear and oil agendas have the mind set if you do not get your dollar this way for economic growth you will remain the savage people . One thing is for sure Americans and Christians alike have done and given as well as achieved much in your poor countries . But for the Christians think of it from an Adam and Eve prospective ( I give you all the fruits of the garden Except do not eat of this one ) . Now that we are not in the garden and none are of a savage nature and have democracy or have met in kindly fashion of friendship the whole plate of advancement ( every fruit is being offered ) .
Chose wisely .

Most recent history Africa and other Countries should Consider

Africa rising These types or Fracking or offshore oil drilling may happen in Africa

This is a fracking area in Pennsylvania how much more would be done in Africa or Cuba ?

Most recent history that should be considered is FRACKING and how it is affecting America and the land therein . Nuclear rods in America and who can hold or contain them also looking to Russia and how they hold there nuclear rods and contain there ( rads ) and last but not least FUKUSHIMA .
Considering India within there fight against there now pollution footprint that melted there ROADS .
Although they were among-st the group of 190 countries or so whom signed the agreement in PARIS for a reduction of there emissions causing them to back peddle and reconsider there fruits . I have heard threw the vine there government has fallen short in the process they have set up for the reduction and most companies affiliated with the process went bankrupt before they began . Also you should review the history of oil spillage and the cleanup process there are many links I could put here about this but instead I have chosen one video sit back and enjoy .




Africa and other countries and Technology and Industry

Africa rising through the field of global Technology

Africa , Cuba and India are prime and waiting to reap the large harvest .
Opening new opportunities like never before seen through Technology .

The word on the global market that I am hearing is that as other economic dollars fall in other countries and they try to correct there Global warming footprint Industries look for a new home . The reason for this is most likely do too putting higher taxes and forcing reductions of pollutants or just the fact of cheaper labor keeping production companies alive . This is not a bad thing and the advancement of Technology is good in itself bringing new heighten knowledge sharing base from how two to who knows what that everyone dose not . I myself await and am ready to embrace the Advancements of Cuba and Africa as I have friends there and as I have a friend now awaiting a vacation to India to see his family . But what is it to have a friend or brother here or there or those who do the work there only too watch them eat of the rotting fruit just because it looks delicious and has ( $$$$ many $$$$ dollars ) .

In Conclusion



The rise of industry and Technology is a great thing in any country but not reviewing history of what is happening and what has happened is like the blind leading the blind with no other senses . I ask you how much more will you be able to uphold the nuclear fuel rod in your hand ? How much more cleanup shall the oil companies do in your country or shall the fish just die along with cattle and people alike ? Will your carbon footprint grow that of India ? The fruits of the world lie on the platter chose wisely my friends . Lobbying within your governments for none pollutants is a good start right now the oil industry and those who chose polluted products lobby hard and make deals that are hard to turn down . Once there it is very hard to reverse this process as we see with Russia , China and India as well as America .
Have a nice day riding the wave of AFRICA RISING TO AMERICA I am out

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