Adjusting The Signal With Chromecast

Adjusting the Chromecast


The first Question the first hundred or so readers of this article are going to ask is , what the heck is chrome cast ?
And the other hundred owe so readers , there hearts are going to pumping saying yes some new protocol adjustments .
And there is the next hundred or so readers whom will automatically think I know everything there is to know about chromecast because I shine that chrome every day or I partook in the building of chromecast .
Really know hmm why don’t you sit back and read on and see if I can find something to fill your starving brain pallet .

Adjusting the viewing

First lets go back and history and time for a minute .
Remember wen T.V. came about most people were in awe of the invention .
And of course this was the beginning of one of the most intriguing push for marketers and a learning venue for those wanting know more about signal variables .
Both interesting topics but were talking about adjusting the signal remember ?
We used to have that signal threw tuneing knobs and rabbit ears and then came about cable companies and of course along with came a stream of marketing ploys to which at times controlled what was to be showed .
And sure you could adjust the signal or for that matter change the channel but it did not matter any channel you hit whom ever had the biggest marketing plan and strategy you were inundated with those adds .
Well these add campaigns are still there and running strong but with the Chanel changing you had a limited choice on what you viewed and you were not in charge at all .
The cable companies put us all in a state of the Outer Limits and to show my point enjoy this little video clip from the OUTER LIMITS .



Step out of the Outer Limits

Step out of the Outer Limits by adjusting your signal with Chromecast and control what you want to watch .
Remember this new type of Technology is strong and there are things to watch for , the more and more this Technology is used the cable T.V industry will stand to lose billions and will try to lobby in Washington to gain there marketing value back and once again be in control of what and wen you see anything .
This is why most cable companies have already maid the smart industry move to become INTERNET and WI / Fi providers .

Adjusting the signal to Chromecast

So OK OK enough garble talk lets get down to the real deal what is Chromecast and what do I need ?
I figured the easiest way to show you what chromecast was about and bring you the beginning feel of them realm was to share a wikipedia history Paige on chromecast .
So for you history buffs and nerds alike straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of CHROMCAST .
As well it would be slightly remiss of me if I did not also share a video of the chromecast in action so lean back and enjoy .



Adjusting to the new kid on the Block

Adjusting to the new kid on the block for after all it is just “ blocks of information “ in a technical sense wouldn’t you say ?
So who is this new kid on the block and what can he do for you ? Handing you further control boosting work performance and enhancement right at your finger tips and on the move .
So whats the name of this new kid on the block and how do I adjust my frequency there ?
The name of this new kid is Chromebit it works in a similar fashion to Chromecast with the intent to turn any smart T.V into a desk top .
Bringing your work force and load on the move with you were ever you go but hey do not just take it from me check out were I heard about this .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of wired I give you the new kid on the block CHROMEBIT .

Update for Chromecast

Now for anyone whom uses a chrome browser whether Chromium or otherwise can cast straight from that device no extensions needed .
Straight out of the archives of venture beat i give you the newest advance in Chromecast .


In Conclusion

The inspiration of this adjusting article came from a young lady whom had briefly mentioned to about her problems she was having with her cable company .
The ongoing conversation turned into a mile stream of complaining from her friends and they were all stating the same thing but not realizing it which is ( my cable company that has me locked into the outer limits ) has become so big they just shrug our complaints off my response to them was to share a link showing the price of the Chromecast and of course there response were buying that .
So put the control of veiwing back in your hands “ adjust your signal to chromecast and or chromebit ” .
In my reviewed opinion Chromecast is an A1 program I have used Chromecast since it hit the market and urgently await Chromebit to further enhance my capabilities .
Peace have a great day riding the wave of GOOGLE and everything GOOGLE especially CHROMECAST and CHROMEBIT I am out .

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