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Surfing The Web


As we surf the great world wide web we hope to be secure , but what does this really mean ? We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security.

We have virus programs and security programs that we buy to protect our personal or highly sensitive business data from the snooping hacker. We do this not because we are doing something wrong but to uphold our first amendment rights. I could spend this whole time saying this implemented security or that is the best but these arguments have been in place for a very long time and let me tell you its only software so what do we do?

Have you ever seen a person get so upset that when they speak saliva sprays out or heard the saying “say it don’t spray it” ? Well every time you hit your keyboard your spaying it somewhere  whether its just to your hard drive or all over the web. Security software, such as Norton, is meant  to keep prying eyes and hands. We do buy hardware but it is run by software and all software can be manipulated and we do encrypt but all encryption can be unencrypted ether now our years from now depending the range of encryption. On one side of the spectrum you have the new hacker who just wants to say “I have done it” to the actual criminal who wants credit card numbers, bank accounts and passwords.

So you ask how can you be protected


Number one watch your strokes. Every key you type is like spraying your words all over the internet or to your hard drive. If you run some million dollar fortune company in charge of  highly sensitive data. Set up your own NODE and hire a few good people to determine your security holes and plug as many as possible.




Some people even use onions. Even these are not totally secure going out to one isp to a node to and from one isp to another node and another isp to a node to yet another isp then to a final destination.

The final destination being the most vulnerable  point as well as are own nsa could set there own caption points at any given isp to save in there huge data base your private or highly sensitive data and it can be saved indefinitely or until are technology advances to point it can unencrypted.

Technical values were  derived threw Eli the computer guy introduction to the deep web. ( you tube)


And of course our own infamous Mr Edward Snowden.


In Conclusion


Remember you are your security officer , your P.C , Laptop or what ever computer system you use it is up to you to run a clean machine or not .
So good luck surfing and watch your strokes folks.


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