3-D Printing For Doctors


Body parts

They have already printed a bionic ear at Princeton University and another group printed a retinal cell at the University of Cambridge .
As well being able to print blood cells using inks made of silver nonoparticles .




They are also developing tiny electrodes two which could be used to create smaller Lithium batteries .
So without further delay straight out of the archives technologyreview I give you 3-D printing for doctors .





And here is a video I found that may bring a slightly clearer picture but I warn you its not for the the week stomach so if your squeamish than don’t watch but if you have a strong stomach check it out .




In Conclusion

These are some fantastic advancements brought on by people who think out of the box and in conjunction with humanity .
I would like to point out this NANO technology is all over the place it is huge at every turn I see it being utilized between the medical field to houses and electric cars .
Peace have a great day NANO surfing I am out .


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