3 D Printing and UPS



Yup thats right UPS kicking it up a notch .
Imagine you have an Idea for a new or existing product but the problem is you need a prototype .
Well according to UPS you need go no further than one of there stores to get the job done .

Was this A Risk For Them


Well what venture isn’t but although there still in there testing faze I could see this go both ways .
The question here is , have they made the move to early ?
Without further delay I give you 3 D Printers and UPS straight out of the archives of engadget .


In Conclusion

This sounds like a relatively good Idea .
Hmmm lets see .
1 ) I have an Idea .
2 ) Crowdfunding for the Idea ( to meet financial goals ) .
3 ) UPS 3 D Printer ( for the prototype ) .
I mean could things get any better ?
Bing , Bang , Boom Entrepreneurship owe ya .
Peace I be gone .

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