3 D Printers Where Are They Going

3 D printers where have they been

3 – D printers have been around now for quit a few years .
There was a push to bring the 3 – D printer into every home in order to shake the manufacturing companies by there boot straps allowing any tool or part to made via three D printer .
Also allowing new Ideas to come fourth with more security .


3 - D printers

3  D printers have been used to make many things from cars to gears .
Anything made small can be made two scale with all functionality and detail .

These printers have also made into space for a couple of said reasons , one the ability to make tools and parts upon demand rather than using a space delivery ship .
The second the fundamental DNA experiments , If life is found on another planet no matter what the size through GMO and other enhancements those life forms could be transported back to earth for further study . ( border line conspiracy maybe but it is plausible the Technology is ready at the hand ) .
To see further reading on 3 D printers and where they have been please see related articles at the bottom of this article .

Utilizing 3 D Printers

3 - D printers and gears

3 – D printers and your desktop imagine anything you need at your fingertips .
Even food .

Using the 3 D printers many things have been made from gears to cars as well as computer parts and components .
Check this video out from the auto channel of a 3 – D made car at the 2015 Geneva Motor show .



Check out this 3  D printed motor with generating capabilities .








Keep in mind anything that can be printed small can be printed to size take this next video of a car motor for example enjoy .





Obviously the car being the largest item made and how much the manufacturing industries have been shaken up by this on-slot of 3 – D printers production well that number is still not tallied .
But what about bigger projects like constructing actual buildings ?

Where are 3 D printers Going

3 - D printers and construction

3  D printers are heading into the construction field.
This could shackle and shake the hammer holders of many workers as labor and cost is cut tremendously .

3 – D printed items seems to be heading in a spiral direction with the application to hit every aspect of our lives .
From food to babies still in the mothers womb right down to the construction industries .
Please enjoy the following video on seven things created by a 3 D printers .




The article that inspired me to right this is sure to shake the boots and shackle the hammers of the construction industry or will it ?
Straight out of the archives of engadget I give you the WORLDS FIRST 3 – D PRINTED OFFICE .
Please enjoy the following video for further details .





This next video shows the perspective 3 D printers that created the Dubai office building .





But there not the only ones using 3  D printing Technology to build and construct buildings the next video shows a Chinese or Japanese firm that printed 10 houses with a promise of high rises in the future .



In Conclusion

As you can see the 3 D printers world business of new and old ideas is endless and as I stated earlier in this article anything built small can be built to size .
Wen thinking construction one must think safety first as many lives lay at risk while either building working or living courters .
As 3 D printers advance they could cause many ripples in the work fields from construction to the food industries lower cost of labor good for some but possibly not so good for the common worker .
On the other hand the advancement for new Ideas and Entrepreneurs is endless can you dream the dream and make it your reality the time is at hand .
Have a nice day riding the wave of 3 D PRINTERS I am out .

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