3 D Printers Hacking The Factory

New Ideas

So you have a new idea it has Ben kicking around forever , you have sat for hours if not days thinking about it and the idea just keeps undauntedly poking at you .
But the same problems keep arising over and over .
The prototype and in order to make the prototype you would need to contact some type of factory in order to do the soldering and put it all together .
Well I have some good news for the Idea person there is a new 3 D printer in town called Bot factory Squink .
Micheal Knox is one of the co-founders of this new 3 D home factory two which according to gizmag it is easy enough for a even a child to operate with its interchangeable heads .
And as with any good starter company should do to help with its beginning finances they used crowdfunding .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the 3 D factory bot Squink .

Omg check out this most amazing teaser video .

In Conclusion


If you want your kids to have the hippest science fair project at school or just to be innovative and or you have some Entrepreneur Ideas kicking around it sounds like the Squink could be the ticket .
But like always please do your homework to make sure that you and yes I said ( YOU ) get the product that suits your needs .
Peace have a great day surfing the 3 D Printing wave I am out .


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