3-D Printer Meets Pebbles



That is right folks yet another start up company trying to gather funding for a 3-D Printer .
Once again I hope they are using crowdfunding and if your not familiar with the term ( crowdfunding ) you can research at the top left hand corner of this site and maybe obtain some quick funding for your idea or starter project or ongoing company .


David and Goliath

I am not sure if this is why they named the 3-D printer David but there sure are some similarities . David in the Bible was just a scrawny guy carrying nothing but a sling shot and some pebbles and he stood against a giant and with one shot he took him out .
The similarities are as follows although I could miss a few .
1 ) The name ( David ) .
2 ) David uses ( Pebbles ) .
3 ) Giants to conquer ( Any competitors bigger than them ) .
David seems to be slightly larger than the Blacksmith although both keep the similar look as to a coffee pot .



Blacksmith versus David

The Blacksmith sports a round spinning platform and boast of making there 3-D printer accessible to whom ever owned or thought of owning a printer .
The Blacksmith also has some bonus features as far as I know David dose not have this feature , The Blacksmith also is a all in one printer / scanner a great feature to have .
The only thing I seen lacking with the Blacksmiths presentation was the fact they did not show how it operated nor the materials used within production or how they were added although in the picture they did sport a finished product of a Rubber Ducky .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the Blacksmith .





David on the other hand resembling a much more robust coffee maker .
He sports an elevated platform approach and the pebbles are poured directly into the top and at the time they were using plastic pebbles with plains to move forward to use other materials in the near future .
The one thing I did notice in the video for David was wen the product they were making was finished it appeared in removal they were being cautious and checking for heat and if so I am unsure if this heat factor occurs with all 3-D Printers .
So some eye brows were lifted then the dosh gone video reached out grabbed me by the neck pinned my face up against my Acer monitor and said hey look at this .
1 ) How hot dose the elevated plate get ?
2 ) I noticed stickiness on removal of the said product , is there a time frame to remove , what if I wait to long ?
3 ) Is there an age barrier do to the heat factor ?
4 ) And is there any steam , Oder or any other functions surrounding these natures I should be aware of ?
The bonus with David is they are open sourcing the software this is a definite plus .
You can also search this site upper left hand corner for ( open source ) if you are unfamiliar with the term for a quick reference .
But without further delay I give you David the pebble shooter straight out of the archives of engadget .





In Conclusion

I am not trying to pick on David nor his creators but keep in mind this starter company is the first of its kind to actually share the proses of a makable product .
All the affiliated questions should be asked and pointed out in order to get the best products and to assure we invest our money appropriately .
Have a great safe 3-D printing surfing day I am gone .


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