3-D Printer Meets 3-D Air Energy


3-D Printer

In my last article I wrote concerning the all in one printer / scanner ( The Blacksmith ) I had noted a couple of concerns .
1 ) what could I use this for owe print a hundred or so rubber duckies ?
2 ) were would the marketing bridge go or would it crumble ?
To understand you should refer to the article on ( Blacksmith ) .




Gizmag has put out an article that answered most of the concerns I noted .
Thanks gizmag .



Air Energy 3-D

Imagine a 3-D printed , portable wind turbine and thats not all , to make it all the more amazing it is open source .
So you know what that means everyone including you yes I said ( YOU ) can help make improvements .
The company is Omni 3-D out of Poland .
This project seems so amazing .
So without further delay right out of the archives of gizmag I give you the 3-D printable wind turbine .






In Conclusion

They have a pledge program going on as you probably seen but I do hope they are using Crowdfunding it sounds like it would be very beneficial to there project .
Search ( crowfunding ) top left hand corner of this site if your unfamiliar with crowdfunding it helps with starter programs and idea and companies to gain funding .
And it is nice to see a company in the solar energy field open sourcing but as I have said before in prier articles we need a clean air congress similar to the oil congress in order to get adequate funding and marketing capabilities to overcome the oil congress .
Have a great 3-D printing and solar surfing day I am out .


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