3-D Printer In Space

The Evolution of 3–D Printing

It is amazing where 3-D Printers end up .
One has made it to the International Space Station but of course they were unsure what to do with it and had an ongoing daunting  Experiments going on until a ratchet was needed .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you 3–D Printer in space .

Transferring Blueprints

Transferring Blueprints to make survival products two other planets seems to be the main objective .
So it might take sometime to get someone to a planet to start colonizing .
And then all prospective products could be beamed up or down to any said planet via E – mailed blueprint .
Saving much time and money .
But the question remains how many people would be needed to start the colonization of a said planet ?
And is there anything we should be concerned about ?

My Estimation

My Estimation is somewhere between two and seven and I know what your thinking , this is an extraordinarily low number .

The Reason

The reason behind the low number is , the mad scientists of the world most likely hired by our own governments .
And yes I said ( GOVERNMENTS ) .

The new ( RACE ) to the new ( FROINTIER )

First we must think of the prospect of manipulation of DNA and understand the German Government was not and have not Ben the only ones Exploring the manipulation of DNA and these type of values .
The new Frontier is space and the race is still on and bigger than ever .
The reason for only needing two to seven people on we will just say the moon , is because you only need enough people for the initial set up and with a 3–D Printer all products and people can be beamed up or down to the surface .
And yes I said ( PEOPLE ) .
And obviously your immediately thinking conspiracy theory but the facts are right in front of us for example straight out of the archives of gizmodo I give you the DNA collector .

Hush Hush

This is all being kept quit for the moment but from my knowledge base it is theoretically possible for them to manipulate the DNA in order to say put someone on the moon or mars with the capabilities of breathing and withstanding the normal atmospheric situation of a said planet .

Update 3–D Printer in Space


As of late I have spoken two a few people and they had suggested that this article was just way out there so I decided to dig a little deeper two bring fourth more technical data on the situation to bring everything into focus .
Sometimes retrieving information comes in weird ways .
The reason I say this is , if you watch the bloomberg video it talks about the progress of 3 – D printing DNA half way threw the video and the front and back of the video is a well constructed advertisement.
But it is a must watch video in order to extract the information so without further delay straight out of the archives of chemjobber I give you 3–D Printing DNA .

Update 3-D Printer in Space  2

It has come to my attention that the chemjobber link has been compromised in some manner and now refutes there video as first published .
Realizing the video was a Forbes video with high end embed advertising i decided to do a further run down of the information and i also will most likely be writing a follow up article as there have been many other updates to be added .
So not only for your enjoyment but also for your knowledge base please enjoy the following videos .












For a further indepth look pleas see the following link straight out of the archives of 3dprinting industry i give you CAMBRAIN GENOMIC 3-D PRINTING DNA





But still I Needed More

Although the last site was good it didn’t quit level the playing field .
But then I stumbled across futuristspeaker , this collaborative web site jumped out of my monitor grabbed me by the neck and squished my face against the monitor .
This site goes into quit some detail about the body parts being created via 3 – D Printing as well as stating at the end of there article that one day this will be the running news headline ( 3 – D Printing Entire Human Body ) .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of futuristspeaker I give you 3–D Printing Human Body Parts .

Wait Theres More

I know a lot of people like art and I happened to stumble across a website with Vincent Van Goghs ear grown by artist Diemut Strebe .
So this is for all the art lovers without further delay straight out of the archives of designboom I give you Vincent Van Goghs ear .

In Conclusion

I think 2015 will be the year of 3 – D Printing and manipulation of DNA , But will it just be another Experiment gone wrong similar to the ( LOVE BUG ) or other Experiments ?
And will the transferal of space DNA two Earth bring harm to our civilization as we know it ?
To many questions , but lets not be deceived or blind sided by whats really going on .
Peace I am out .

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