3-D All In One Printer Scanner


All In One

I love this term and the uses of an All in one printer / scanner I actually own an HP all in one scanner and printer and it has served its purpose many times over , well worth the investment .




What a great name , I mean that just gets the old ancestral brains and muscle to pumping .
Weather your a historian or just a gamer who worked your way up threw games like World Of War-craft building armaments to be the best warrior and the sounds of the hammer hitting the steal .
And then meeting with friends and family in the game in order to go conquer .
I could go on and on for ever about how games such as World Of War-craft develops togetherness and camaraderie amongst family and friends but then I would be getting off topic but I did run into this Paige that shows a cool amount of armaments throughout the centuries .
Straight out of the archives of wired check it .








3-D Printing

Nanyang Technical University in Singapore has a startup company that wants to make it possible to have an all in one three D printer / scanner on your desk at home and or office at work .
In the picture it actually resembles my coffee maker , It apparently spins in a circular motion while developing the said item .
It will be interesting to see what problems could arise on both ends ( software and material ) if any at all .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmage I give you Blacksmith 3 – D all in one printer / scanner .






In Conclusion

Although just the name Blacksmith has me pumped and most likely will be the first catalyst for the marketing sale of this product the second being people wanting to put the fresh notch in there belt by being able to say I own one .
Were will the sales go from there as a consumer I ponder what could I do with this hmmm , make a hundred or so rubber duckies ?
So thats were I think the marketing bridge is to any 3- D printer application so hopefully these things are well thought out lest the bridge crumbles and the product becomes a dust worthy shelf product .
And of-course theres always a copy write boundary how will these be addressed ?
Well have a great day 3 – D surfing I am out .


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