14 steps to a successful interview

Below you will find 14 easy steps to a successful interview. Following these steps will help reduce the stress and increase the chances of having a successful interview.

Research the organization

Researching the organization can provide valuable insight into the company you are going to be working for. Being knowledgeable about the company shows initiative and preparedness to the employer.

Know your weaknesses

Just because you don’t fully qualify for a job does not mean your not going to get it.
You should be prepared to answer the following

  • your greatest weakness
  • your lack of leadership experiences
  • your record of job-hopping
  • your lack of related experience

Dress Professionally

Even if you are going for an interview at fast food restaurant. Dressing professional shows initiative and will start you off on the right foot with any employer.

Plan your outfit

Plan out the outfit you are going to wear and the items you are going to bring. Set them aside if you have to. This will greatly reduce your stress on the interview day.

Practice with a friend

Practice interviewing with a friend. This will help ease nervousness.

Be respectful

With the upcoming generation this point needs to be driven home more than ever. If you cannot be respectful to your employer how can they expect you to be respectful to the customers.


This one is easy to forget. I good smile can set a good tone for the interview. Most employers want someone who can do the job and is easy to work with.

show up on-time

I have seen interviews not happen just for showing up late. Being punctual is important. If you need to, show up 15 minutes early. Showing up early is better than late.

Be honest

If you don’t know or have a skill. Be honest. The employer will appreciate it and may give you a chance to prove you can learn the skills needed to do the job.

Be Positive

A positive attitude is key. Even if you do not have the skills to do the job, turn it into a positive. Its an opportunity to learn.

Be organized

Disorganization is a hint that you cannot handle large tasks. Be sure to keep your folders, paperwork, hair and clothes neat and orderly for the interview.


Never bring up salary in the first interview. If the employer brings it up, gently suggest a comfortable range. Sometimes a hard salary figure can turn employees away.

Ask questions about the company and position

  • What projects are you currently working on that you wish to be off your plate in three months?
  • What is the big picture goal for the department this year? what role do I as a team member play in that goal?
  • What can I do to be an effective member of the team?

Follow up with the interviewer

Give them a call a day or two after the interview. If you do not receive a response, try again in a week or so. Again this will show them that you have initiative and really want the job.

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